Wikipedia: Hubble Deep Field One of the coolest things … ever. Short caption if you’re too busy to read the wiki:  Once the Hubble Telescope was finally up and running properly, its operators (out of boredom, i guess) pointed it at the darkest, emptiest, most devoid section of space they […]

Hubble Deep Field

  So we have overcast skies today, giving us a welcome break from the heat, and my daughter says to me “Daddy, can I go outside to play?” I told her sure thing. A little later she says, “Daddy, can I play with my cars in the dirt?” I told […]

Dirty Zoe

Super Moon
Super Moon Ok, this post is a little outside the scope of what we usually do here, so bear with me. I don’t really do photography posts (mainly because I’m the exact opposite of a good photographer), but we were outside looking at the moon through my crappy 80 dollar […]

Super Moon