3D Camera Model 3D Camera Model Photoshop is what you might call my “first love”. But in the interests of staying versatile I spend quite a bit of time working in other applications. I do a lot of work in After Effects, Premiere Pro, and some in Audition. Lately, though, […]

3D Camera Model

Hey everyone! I just can’t seem to shake my fondness for 8-bit gaming.  No matter how advanced rendering technology becomes these are the characters I appreciate most. In honor of that I’ve started a graphical series called “2.5D”.  Here’s our friend, Mario, being portrayed in the first installment.  As you […]

2.5D Mario – A Homage to the Classics

So I’ve got it in my head to try and put together a Minecraft texture pack.  I’ve done a few samples but haven’t decided to go all the way.  What do you think?

Minecraft Texture Pack

Hello everyone!  In this tutorial we’ll learn how to set up a live preview window so you can monitor your progress while zoomed in at extreme magnification.  With this simple trick you can spare yourself tons and tons of yo-yo zooming. Enjoy!

Real-time Update Preview Window

I wouldn’t call myself a Trekkie, exactly. I know very little Klingon. I am a fan, though. I just got a new workstation and decided it needed a custom wallpaper, so I quickly whipped this one up. If you like this image, feel free to download it and use it […]

“Resistance is Futile”

CGP Promotional Poster
Hello everyone!  Life sure is busy these days.  Here’s a look at the project that’s been keeping me occupied lately. This is a promotional poster I designed for the Computer Graphics and Programming department at school.  This sucker is huge!  It’s 3 ft wide and 6 ft tall.  I wish […]

CGP 2014 Promo Poster

Here’s a barber pole I put together this weekend.  I don’t know why I did it.  I felt the urge to make a barber pole. For those interested in the technical aspects:  it was created 100% from scratch in Photoshop CC, starting with basic vector shapes which were then extruded […]

3D Barber Pole

Should designers and developers ever work for free? The short answer is “Not no, but hell no!” The long answer is “Still mostly no, but there are occasional exceptions.” Have a look at this infograph for some useful tips on when it’s OK to work for free. http://shouldiworkforfree.com/

Should You Work For Free?