Hey, everyone!  Here’s a slide show I put together for an event I was invited to speak at.  The slides were composed for a specific audience, but other than the first 4 or 5 slides, any beginner can find something useful in here.  Enjoy!

Presentation: Photoshop Workflow Basics

3D Camera Model 3D Camera Model Photoshop is what you might call my “first love”. But in the interests of staying versatile I spend quite a bit of time working in other applications. I do a lot of work in After Effects, Premiere Pro, and some in Audition. Lately, though, […]

3D Camera Model

Hey everyone! I just can’t seem to shake my fondness for 8-bit gaming.  No matter how advanced rendering technology becomes these are the characters I appreciate most. In honor of that I’ve started a graphical series called “2.5D”.  Here’s our friend, Mario, being portrayed in the first installment.  As you […]

2.5D Mario – A Homage to the Classics

So I’ve got it in my head to try and put together a Minecraft texture pack.  I’ve done a few samples but haven’t decided to go all the way.  What do you think?

Minecraft Texture Pack

Hello everyone!  In this tutorial we’ll learn how to set up a live preview window so you can monitor your progress while zoomed in at extreme magnification.  With this simple trick you can spare yourself tons and tons of yo-yo zooming. Enjoy!

Real-time Update Preview Window

I wouldn’t call myself a Trekkie, exactly. I know very little Klingon. I am a fan, though. I just got a new workstation and decided it needed a custom wallpaper, so I quickly whipped this one up. If you like this image, feel free to download it and use it […]

“Resistance is Futile”

CGP Promotional Poster
Hello everyone!  Life sure is busy these days.  Here’s a look at the project that’s been keeping me occupied lately. This is a promotional poster I designed for the Computer Graphics and Programming department at school.  This sucker is huge!  It’s 3 ft wide and 6 ft tall.  I wish […]

CGP 2014 Promo Poster

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New Facebook Cover Image