As promised, here is the smart filter tutorial mentioned yesterday.  In this tutorial, we cover how to use smart filters in Photoshop to conduct non-destructive editing.  Learning to edit your projects non-destructively could arguably be one of the most vital skills for any designer.  Having the ability to go back […]

Smart Objects part 4: Non-destructive Editing With Smart Filters

Ozcon 2018 Poster
Ozcon 2018 here! Ozcon 5th Edition is here! And this will be the best one yet! This is in our 5th official year, and Ozcon 2018 will be a con to remember! Do you like cosplay? Video Games? Tabletop Games? Deck Stacking Games? Ozcon has them all and more! Last […]

Ozcon 2018

Ozcon 2017 Logo
Ozcon 2017 here! Ozcon 2017 is here! And it’s bigger and better than ever! This is in our 4th official year, and Ozcon 2017 will be a year to remember! Do you like cosplay? Video Games? Tabletop Games? Deck Stacking Games? Ozcon has them all and more! Last year’s event […]

Ozcon 2017 is Here! It’s Time to Head to West ...

Premiere Pro: Render in the Timeline Tutorial
Premiere Pro Timeline Rendering. Hello everyone! In this tutorial we will learn about Premiere Pro timeline rendering. If you have spent much time in Premiere Pro, you already know that once a project reaches a certain size and you start piling on effects, real-time playback becomes a real challenge. If […]

Premiere Pro Timeline Rendering

pokeball featured
Toon Shading in Blender Happy Tuesday, everyone! I thought I would take a few minutes to share my latest work study project with you: toon shading in Blender Cycles. I’ve been experimenting with toon shading in Blender Cycles for an upcoming project of mine. It turned out to be a […]

Toon Shading in Blender

Ozcon 2016 Featured Image 1
Ozcon 2016 is almost here. Do you like video games? Yeah, you do! Do you like comics? You better believe it! Do you like cosplay? Now we’re speaking your language. It’s that time of year again. Ozcon 2016 is right around the corner! Last year’s event was a HUGE hit, […]

Ozcon 2016 Is Almost Here!

New: Adobe Post Hello, everyone! Adobe debuted a new mobile app today, Adobe Post. Since a certain movie is also being released today, I thought it only too appropriate to tie the two together. visit This Page to claim your copy of the software. Post is currently only available on […]

Adobe Post: New Mobile App From Adobe

Vector Portrait
Vector Portrait Hello, everyone! I hope you’re all getting to enjoy your weekend. There’s no tutorial today, but I did take a little “me” time, and I thought I’d share a little bit of what I’ve been working on this with you. This is a vector portrait of my daughter […]

Vector Portrait

Hey, everyone!  Here’s a slide show I put together for an event I was invited to speak at.  The slides were composed for a specific audience, but other than the first 4 or 5 slides, any beginner can find something useful in here.  Enjoy!

Presentation: Photoshop Workflow Basics